Stage Transformers

Over the last 10 years Phase Hire has Built flight cased custom transformers for bands / musicians that are going out on world tours.
Voltages vary in different parts of the world and the musicians like to use their own instrument and amplifiers on stage.

Our transformer units can provide 110/120 Volts or 220/240 Volts.

From a supply in the range of 90V to 132V and in the range of 190V to 265V 50 & 60Hz in 5 Volt steps.

They also provide isolation from the supply which from the feedback we have received they have “saved the day” by eliminating hum problems.

These units have mostly been in the range 2kVA & 4kVA. With inlet and outlet connectors to suit their requirements. Other sizes can be built if required, as these are all built to order.

Other custom transformers we have built for the film industry have been 3 Phase 400V to 220V 3 phase. To run American equipment from UK and European supplies in the power range 15 to 20 kVA with soft start to avoid tripping breakers due to high inrush currents at switch on.

Special Requirements

We were asked by a tower light company to provide a small generator to power floodlights at a skateboard park in Essex.
We supplied on hire an enclosed, electric start generator that would start up at dusk and turn on the lights until 10pm when the park closes which allowed the facility to be used during the winter evenings.