Load Bank Testing

Phase Hire has it's own Load Bank that apart from testing our own generators after servicing, is available with an engineer for testing customers generators.
Many generators get short test runs but when a power failure occurs, they can struggle with the load initially or over heat with a building load.

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Testing a generator to it's full capacity not only gives piece of mind but also allows the engine to get up to full working temperature and cleans the engine bores.

Please reach out to us via the Contact Us or Enquiry page if you are interested.


Phase Hire has completed a number of installations of standby generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies over the years for broadcast radio studio and transmitter sites, NHS properties, farms and factories.
These were sized from 4kVA to 800kVA. With Automatic Mains Fail start and Soft Transfer (temporary parallel to mains) systems.